19 June 2020

Dear Parents,

Annual Parental Questionnaire

Thank you to those who took the time to complete the parental questionnaire – especially in these trying times!
As a staff, we strive to achieve the highest standards in all that we do and we are delighted to receive your appreciation of our efforts.
Given the current circumstances, we are very happy that 92% of parents feel that the children have been well supported in home learning during school closure. This is obviously not something we have ever done before, or ever imagined in our wildest dreams that we would find ourselves doing! The book had not been written for this particular situation. We strive to ensure resilience is at the core of all we do and when closure happened a way forward had to be found.
You will note that 8% (2 responses) felt that the children have not been well supported in the weeks of closure. Questions have been raised recently with regard to school capacity, provision of further teaching space and the use of online teaching. Although the questions were raised by a few, we felt it would be of benefit to further detail our decision-making process to all: please see the Friday update for this information.
As we move forward, we will continue to support you to the best of our ability and the individual learning meetings organised for those not currently in school will enable next steps to be highlighted.

Once again, thank you for your overwhelmingly positive responses and comments.

Yours sincerely
ROSEMARIE JAMES (Mrs) Headteacher



'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'