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In order of Instrument of Government


Register of Business


Governer at another establishmentRelationship to Staff/PupilsTerm of Office BeganEnd of term of office
Rosemarie James Headteacher Finance & Personnel Data Group Headteacher None None None n/a  n/a
Kay Jones Clerk to Governors   Website Compliance None  None None n/a n/a

Reem McGrann

Parent Governor  Finance & Personnel Chair - On-line Safety; HTPMR None None Parent 26.11.19 25.11.2023
Kelly Birch Co-opted Governot   SEND; Safeguarding; LAC None None None 29.09.2020 28.09.2024
Geoff Woods Staff Governor   Policies; On-Line Safety None None None 08.03.2019 07.03.2020
Clare Read Parent Governor    None  None None Parent 10.11.2020 09.11.2023
Nigel Ozier Co-opted Governor  Finance & Personnel  H&Safety; HTPMR; |Safer Recruitment  None  None 2 Grand Children 12.03.2019 11.03.2023
Derek Hilling Co-opted Governor Finance & Personnel H&Safety; HTPMR; Safer Recruitment None None None 18.06.19 17.06.2023

'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'