KS1 Science History Geography Rolling Programme 2           KS 2 Science Long Term Rolling Programme

At Maidwell Primary School we have a two-year rolling programme of topics at Key Stage 1 and four year rolling programme of topics at  Key Stage 2.

The teaching of Science is supported by Rising Stars Switched on Science.

Class 3 NHTWG Cold As in other subject areas, the language of science is key and as such assessments of vocabulary using a Never Heard the Word Grid (NHTWG) is made at the Class 3 NHTWG Hot outset of each unit. Time is taken learning scientific terms and a further assessment of the NHTWG is made at the end of each unit .

Time is then dedicated to working on the definition of key words and having them displayed in the classroom, enabling the children constant support in their understanding.

Key ideas are displayed around the classroom in order to further assist the children. 


Science through StoriesScientific stories support the children’s knowledge and allow children the opportunity to write independently practising skills taught through the KS1 Science Senses Story Piggy WiggyTalk for Writing process. 


Biology - The Story of Edward Jenner (Health & Germs), Chemistry - The Horse of Troy (Properties of materials), Physics - Apollo 13 (Space)

To reinforce reading, fluency and comprehension skills, children regularly read information texts pertaining to the particular scientific knowledge being taught.                                  

Cross Curriculum Writing

There are many opportunities over the course of the year for the children to practise the skills taught through the Talk for Writing process in their Science work.   

        Science Electricity instruction text KS2           Science Food Our bodies Information text KS2         Science Gravity Explanation text KS2         Science Information text KS1         Science Sail boat Explanation text KS2

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