Class 1 Grammar IconsThe teaching of grammar throughout the school is usually modelled and taught through the Talk for Grammatical Terms Class 3 Writing and Talk for Reading process.  To aid children’s recall we have worked with artist Martin Young to create visual images to represent grammatical terms and have further emphasised 
this by adding kinaesthetic actions.  The images and actions are generic and build year-on-year.  Please refer to grammar books which can be downloaded to use at home, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.


 Class 3 Grammar Wall

     KS2 Grammar Actions        Class 1 Grammar Wall        Class 3 Grammatical Icons      KS1 Subordinating Conjunctions          FANBOYS Co ordinating Conjunctions



Class 2 Grammar Icons We have developed kinaesthetic actions for all punctuation requirements from Reception - Year 6.  These have been further supported by KS1 Grammar Actions the  creation of images by Martin in consultation with the children.  When presenting a model text or undertaking the process of shared writing, punctuation is picked out in purple. Punction Wall Class 3









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