Maidwell Primary School

"An Oustanding School in a peaceful, rural setting"


                                                    KS1 2 Year Rolling Programme History Science Geography                 KS2 History Science Geography Rolling Programme

At Maidwell Primary School we have a two-year rolling programme of topics at Key Stage 1 and four year rolling programme of topics at Key Stage 2. 

As in other subject areas, the language of Geography is key and as such assessments of vocabulary using a Never Heard the Word Grid is made at the outset of each unit.

KS1 NHTWG Geography ColdGeography stories support the children’s knowledge and allow children the opportunity to write independently KS1 NHTWG Geography Hot practising skills taught through the Talk for Writing process.  

To reinforce reading fluency and comprehension skills, children regularly read information texts pertaining to the  particular geographic knowledge being taught.


                 KS1 William Whiskerson Travels the UK               William Wickerson text map          The Geography of UK and Ireland KS1


Cross Curricular Writing

There are many opportunities over the course of the year or the children to practise the skills taught through the Talk for Writing process in their Geography work. 

    KS2 The Bickering Tale of Australia Kenya      Geography Recount text about UK KS2    KS1 Geography Persausion Text         KS2 Information Text