Maidwell Primary School

"An Oustanding School in a peaceful, rural setting"

Maidwell Primary School has a number of forms that are used for you to to provide information back to us. These are:

Absence Request Form

If your child needs to be away from school for any reason, we ask parents to use this form to advise us in advance of the request. If your request concerns a holiday, you should also provide a holiday letter with your application with the request form. Please note that the school policy is that holidays taken in term time are considered as unauthorised absence.

For more information about School Abscence, please click here.

Medical Consent Form

This documant describes our position on medical intervention and gives you full details of how the process works. The form is included in the document.

ParentMail Information

Please be aware that each parent/carer should keep their details up to date by accessing parentmail and making the chages online.