We have recently purchased a selection of books which we are calling Page Turners.  These are books of recognised quality and are called Page Turners due to their (hopefully) unputdownable nature.  I am sure you have all experienced this phenomenon at some point – I once read a novel in a day whilst on holiday in Greece!

the twitsOur aim, by the time our children leave Maidwell, is to have developed a love of reading which will last a lifetime.  Today’s world is full of many ‘entertainment’ opportunities not available to children in the past.  Reading has to compete with an increasing number of other pastimes.

The children will be introduced to the titles, given the opportunity to carry out some research on the authors and their work before being allowed to choose a book to bring home to read.  As part of the Page Turners programme the children will also work on how to be reflective about what they have read and will create a class review toolkit which will be used to present their views of the book to their friends.

The reviews will be displayed around the school and will form a new book blog section on the school website.

Once the book has been read, your child will be able to choose a new title or perhaps go to the Library to find further titles by the same author.  By doing this we will encourage the children to develop their own particular tastes in reading (my guilty secret is that I have read all the Rebus books by Ian Rankin).

The adults in the school will also join in the fun and their reviews will form part of our book blog.

The Girl of Ink StarsIt is proven that children who read for pleasure are also most able writers as they ‘magpie’ the ideas and language of their favourite authors without being conscious of doing so.

We would ask that you encourage your child by discussing the book with them and perhaps seeking out further titles by the same author. 

In the world of electronic devices we are challenged to develop in our children a love of books and reading.  Reading great books by great authors is a way to do this.

Spine BooksLast year we introduced a ‘reading spine’ of quality books which are read daily to the children in class.  This has raised awareness of the joy ofSky Hawk books.  Class 3, for example, have developed a huge love of the novels of the well-respected author SF Said.

We now wish to take the next step and bring these stories of quality into your homes … you might even want to read them yourselves!

To see a list of some of our Page Turners please side the side panel.

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