Eco Stories Page Turners

In each class we have recently invested in a set of books which have strong ecologicallyfriendly themes. Many of the books are fictional but there are also a number of non-fiction books included.

These books have joined the ranks of our Page Turners. Please find enclosed details of the Eco-Friendly Page Turners in your child/ren’s class/es. Please note these books are labelled Eco-Friendly Page Turners.

Please keep the list safe and when your child brings one home as a Page Turner, take the opportunity to engage with your child in reading the book and discussing the themes raised.

Thank you to the PTA who helped to purchase the books and to Mrs Smoczynski who sourced them all as nearly new: thus completing the Eco-Friendly concept.

'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'