Safeguarding and Child Protection

The school has a written Child Protection Policy, a copy of which is available on request but is also available to download here..

This policy accords with Northamptonshire’s Area Child Protection Committee’s Child Protection Procedures.

Parents and carers need to be aware that, should any member of staff have cause to suspect that a pupil may have been deliberately harmed or neglected by their parent, or carers, the school has a responsibility to inform the local Social Services Department. It is then for the Social Service Department to decide the best way of carrying out an investigation.

We feel sure that you will realise that these safeguards are necessary to ensure the welfare of all children, and that referrals have to be made in all cases where harm to a child is suspected.

Pupil Welfare, Health and Safety

We aim to care for our pupils in aspects of their safety and well-being whilst at school. The Governors have an agreed policy for Health and Safety which covers First Aid, Fire Precautions, Buildings, Equipment and Curriculum activities.

We are unable to administer medication. Inhalers are the exception and may be kept by the child or teacher as appropriate.

In cases where your child has been sick or has had diarrhoea, please keep them at home for 24 hours after the last bout of sickness, even if they appear to have recovered. It is easy in school for infection to spread unless we are all prepared to take care.

The school nurse visits regularly and is available to advise on any medical problems your child may have. The nurse also carries out routine hearing and vision checks and organises medical examinations as necessary.

Head lice are a constant problem and not the fault of the school. The only effective means of preventing head lice if for every parent in the school to thoroughly check their child’s/children’s hair and scalp regularly and to treat immediately when live lice are found. (A head louse detection comb used on wet hair is recommended). Staff are not allowed to check for head lice.

Internet Child Protection

In order to protect children from access to undesirable content, our school internet service provider operates a filtering system, in line with LA requirements. This filtering service restricts access to inappropriate materials. Children will be supervised at all times when they are using the internet and every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect children from accessing undesirable material. However, it is impossible to give an absolute guarantee that the supervision and filtering devices will prevent access to undesirable material.

The children are aware of the Code of Conduct drawn up for internet use and what to do in the event of inappropriate material being accessed. Download out Online Safety Policy here.

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'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'