Maidwell Primary School

Our Ethos

At Maidwell Primary School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which stretches and challenges and instils a love of learning for life.

A broad curriculum = happy children = achievement

Key Principles

  • Think long term
  • Think bigger picture
  • Think marathon NOT sprint
  • Think of importance of relationships being value

Think Rosenshine’s Principles:

1.  Daily review:                                                arrow Reflect backfootsteps

3.  Questioning:                                                 question bubbles

4.  Modelling:                                                     thinking

5.  Guided practice:                                           adult child

6.  Check understanding:                                   question mark

7.  High success rate:                                       Must NOT be allowed topractice errors

8.  Provide scaffolds:                                        toolkit Toolkits,  boxed up plan boxed up plan    &   NHTWG  NHTWG            


9.  Moving to independent practice:                 Imitation    arrow 2  Innovation   arrow 2  Independent application

10. Review:                                                      Daily  arrow 2 weekly   arrow 2  monthly


'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'